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It’s time to talk to a lawyer

You’ve been putting it off – it keeps you up at night – you feel anxious and concerned about the outcome.

The deadline is looming and you’re forced to make a decision. Who do you reach out to, to protect your interests, to calmly explain your options, to give you confidence?

The team at Gayler Legal understands your need to get to the heart of legal issues quickly.  You want an honest, professional opinion detailing your options. Our straightforward approach ensures you save money by saving you time.  Our understanding and experience of the law safeguards your interests.

Clients trust us with their property, assets,
family issues and business concerns

They seek our guidance before making decisions and call us to solve disputes when problems arise. The depth of our legal advice brings a level of comfort to the situation. Our clients deserve and will receive our highest quality service each time.

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Are you now ready to solve your legal issue?

There’s no need to put it off any longer, rarely do these issues get better with time – Let’s get started.


Your rights and obligations explained – guiding you through the process

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Business Law

Wise and direct advice on matters impacting on your business

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Commercial Lease

Ensuring your property and your rights are protected

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Making a Will

Putting your house in order to ensure your wishes are carried out

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Deceased Estates

Looking after people’s treasured possessions and ensuring their wishes are followed

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Debt Collection

Recover money owed to you or your business

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Family Law

Relationships end - protect yourself, your children and your property

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Collaborative Law

Divorce and Separation doesn't have to end in misery and pain.

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It’s time to take legal action – it can’t be avoided. Be represented by people who understand the process

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The Will Place

Time poor? Want your Will written at home? Get old-fashioned service at your convenience

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