Don’t Roll the Dice – Make sure you have a Will

We live in a time of on-line gambling – the opportunities to gamble on almost any sporting event or happening around the World are virtually limitless.

So, with all the gambling opportunities which confront us each and every day, why gamble with the future of your family and loved ones.

A recent decision in Queensland related to a video recording made by a man who left the recording on his personal computer. The Applicant was involved in an accident on the same day he made the recording.

An application was made to the Court for an order that the recording formed a Will under the Succession Act [Section 18]. The Court ruled that the recording was in fact a Will.

What we’re talking about are the risks you take if you don’t have an up to date and valid Will – they could so easily have been avoided by having a written Will.

Always keep in mind that we all suffer from the same affliction – we’re all mortal. So, think about the ones you love and don’t leave them stranded in a legal quagmire.

Don’t risk dying without a valid Will – a Will that makes provision for how your hard-earned money is to be dealt with and how your loved ones are to be cared for and protected.

Don’t risk the de-valuing of your estate following your passing by informal hand-written notes or dangerous Will kits.

You owe it to yourself, your family and your loved ones to put a valid Will in place and allow yourself and your loved ones peace of mind. Most of us don’t know with certainty the time of our passing so don’t put it off – denial is not plausible.

If you want to learn more about why you should make a Will then let us know and we will send you our Information Sheet on ‘When should I make a Will’ or you can contact Don Gayler
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