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Gayler Legal a unique Hervey Bay boutique law firm delivering an expert and reliable legal service to our clients.

We are not the stereotypical staid and stuffy lawyers of old. Think high tech legal processes designed specifically for the modern business world. Combine this with legal experience spanning forty plus years and you know you are in good hands.

Gayler Legal acknowledges that our clients’ business and personal needs are complex. Our team of legal experts are accredited and knowledgeable. They constantly adapt to meet the changing complexities of the law while providing a premium legal service.

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Gayler Legal is a unique Hervey Bay boutique law firm

Focused on specialised areas of law

Our successful long-standing Hervey Bay law firm is based on a simple principle. You can’t succeed in doing what you don’t enjoy. We choose the areas of law in which we practice and that’s what makes us good at what we do.
The Gayler Legal team has years of legal experience and can provide you with the best advice at the right price.

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How we run Gayler Legal
We explain the law in plain English

  • Our advice is thoughtful and direct. We don’t deal in false hopes. We’re factual and honest about your prospects.
  • We don’t practice in all areas of the law. We only work in areas in which we excel. If we can’t help you then we’ll refer you to a trusted colleague – someone we would use ourselves.
  • What you see is what you get. We don’t strut around looking self-important. That’s not our style.
  • We dress in a relaxed manner. After all, who wears a suit and tie in Queensland, summer or winter?

Wouldn’t go anywhere else. We have always found Don and his staff highly professional and thorough with advice and services we’ve received over the many years we have been their clients.



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