Because the law isn’t always
black and white

So, you need to talk to a lawyer – it’s a bit daunting isn’t it? Or is it?

Well we know that it shouldn’t be, so let’s see why it doesn’t have to be.

First Contact

At Gayler Legal we set out to make you feel welcome the minute you come through the door.

You might be coming to see us about buying or selling your house or unit, a business sale or purchase, a new lease for your business, a new Will or something more stressful like a partnership break up. You get the same thoughtful and considerate approach from us whatever your needs might be.

We know that you might be anxious or concerned about seeing a lawyer, so that is why from the very beginning we set out to make you feel comfortable and to make the experience as friendly and painless as possible.

So when you come to see us you will know that we adopt a different approach to legal matters. Formality is left at the door. We want you to feel at ease and know that you are talking to someone who is sympathetic to and understands your wants and needs.

After all who wears a coat and tie or formal business clothing in Queensland in summer? Certainly not us!

We’re focussed on you and your issues

We like to think we are different – we don’t just ask for your trust, we earn it. We value substance over style, results over fees, long-term over short-term and more importantly, people over everything else.

After all, clients are the life blood of our business and we know it.

Our focus is on you. We don’t strut around in suits and ties feeling self-important – we know that you want our help and we are here to protect your interests so that you can move on with your life, your business or whatever you choose to do.

We’re all about delivering QUALITY LEGAL SERVICES

We don’t aspire to be the biggest firm on the Fraser Coast, that’s best left to others. We do though aspire to be the friendliest firm on the Fraser Coast and that’s something you should notice from your first contact with us.

We know we punch above our weight because the protection of your rights and interests is always our only objective – something we know is worth fighting for.

We don’t practice in all areas of law. That’s because we stick to what we’re good at. If you have an interest in an area of law we don’t practice in then we will send you to a trusted colleague to ensure that your rights are protected.

Our firm is a mixture of youth and experience. Experience earned by doing the hard yards and the enthusiasm of youth.

Above all we value being different. We know that you can call us and we will answer. If the person handling your file can’t take your call right then, then your call will be returned promptly. We understand the value of real service. We don’t over promise and under deliver – satisfied clients are our focus.

Our offer to you is that if your call is not returned promptly then you can call the Practice Manager who will make sure that you are called back without delay.

The culture of our firm is that we treat all clients with respect and that means returning telephone calls and showing understanding. We know that your time is important to you and it is to us as well. Returning telephone calls is at the least a basic courtesy and we place great emphasis on courtesy.

If you want to talk to us, then give us a call and experience a friendly and genuine welcome.