So, you need to talk to a lawyer…

It’s a bit daunting isn’t it? Or is it?

Well we know that it shouldn’t be, so let’s see why it doesn’t have to be

We know that you might be anxious or concerned about seeing a lawyer, so that is why from the very beginning we set out to make you feel comfortable and to make the experience as friendly and painless as possible.

So, when you come to see us you will know that we adopt a different approach to legal matters. Formality is left at the door. We want you to feel at ease and know that you are talking to someone who is sympathetic to and understands your wants and needs.

A purposely design a boutique law firm.

Our most prized resource is our people.

Best principles of practising law

Come visit us

Our office is situated at 5 Zephyr Street, Scarness, Hervey Bay. The building is part of a complex which sits on the Esplanade with great views of Hervey Bay and stone’s throw to the beach. Perhaps that’s what makes our approach different.