Different by Design

Gayler Legal’s most prized resource is our people

We have found the perfect balance of maturity, experience and youthful exuberance in the workplace. Our team enjoys a supportive work environment where regular training and professional development is provided. The team is a happy and cohesive unit. They are enthusiastic about their chosen careers. This statement is exemplified by the positive staff retention rate and loyal employees continuing to work at Gayler Legal for over twenty years.

Our clients are not templated by the cookie cutter method and neither are we. Our age range is across generations from Gen Z and Millennials to Baby Boomers. This combination allows for a perfect mix of intellectual sharing, mentoring and support. Learning from one another is therefore a strength of our mixed age workforce.

We also believe that a diverse workplace is a high performing workplace, and as such our people possess unique skills to meet each client’s individual needs.

An added bonus is that they look forward to meeting the daily challenges which arise in a legal office.

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a few wordsfrom the principal of the firm...

After 40 years of successful practice as a solicitor I must be doing things right. At Gayler Legal we adopt a few key principles which drive us forward.

These principles include:

  • We work in areas of the law which interests us. This approach is based on the principle that you can’t succeed doing what you don’t enjoy. We always choose the law we practice and that’s what makes us good at it.
  • We employ smart people and we value them. Staff is our single biggest expense but a small price to pay for staff who not only provide excellent service to clients, and who also value those clients in return.
  • We embrace new technology. Being smart and being at the cutting edge of service delivery is a key driver to our success.
  • We confront challenges for clients and we solve them.
  • We standardise processes and procedures so we don’t waste time and money – we just cut to the chase.
  • We discuss and advise costs at the beginning of each new matter.

These are just a few of the principles which guide us in our legal practice. We find they work and we know that you will appreciate how they work.