March 3, 2016

Are your People Management Skills being tested?

Better People Management skills generate new opportunities.

What a start to the day! You’re running late, the phone is ringing and a trusted employee is waiting at your office door.

The nervous look on their face is a worry. The conversation doesn’t start well. The gist is … they want to leave.

They are here to give you notice. As usual the timing couldn’t be worse!

Before the day even starts you’re feeling down – What have I done to deserve this? What else can go wrong?

Your people management skills have been tested.


Don’t beat yourself up. It’s time to calmly consider your options. Is this yet another staffing disappointment? Another staff member you have nurtured and spent time and money training for little tangible result……

Or has an opportunity presented itself? Can you engage more effective people management skills?

In business, times are tough. Implementing new processes, streamlining current ones and, above all, seeking financial efficiencies are high on your agenda.

So let’s see what you can gain by reviewing the tasks and duties performed by your trusted employee with 4 simple questions:-

  1. can those tasks/duties be streamlined?
  2. can those tasks/duties be shared amongst other staff?
  3. is it really necessary to replace this employee?
  4. Can we use technology to replace some manual tasks?

Any incremental improvement saves money. Think outside the square what skills are yet to be brought out amongst your team. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they would like to do, how they can add to their day activities.

Remember – your wages bill is probably the largest component of your business expenditure…can you save money by trimming your wages? Can you do the same with less? What really is possible? Spend some time reviewing your options, try a few things, re-work current processes and see what time and effort you can save. Improve your people management skills.