April 11, 2018

Are your pets in your Will?

You take the time to search for your new family member – whether you elect to choose a rescue animal or whether you go with a purebred, you will put as much time and effort into picking your pet as you do anything else…..and why not?  They are going to be with you for well over 10 -15 years (you hope) – and they will be a part of your everyday life – you wouldn’t want to be without them.

But what if they have to be without you?  What if something happens to you?

Where does your much loved pet go – they will be fretting and missing you – who is going to look after them?

More and more people are now thinking about the fur babies who get left behind when their owners die.

One of our clients recently included her 2 pets in her Will.  When we asked her why, her response was,

“Why wouldn’t I put them in my Will – they love me and I’m sure they’d put me in their Will if they had one.”

She is probably right – if they could they would, so why not return the favour?

Give us a call and talk to us about making provision for some of the more cute and cuddly members of your family – no offence intended.

Remember, they can’t ever look after themselves – they depend on you.