Areas of Practice

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.Business Law

Feel like you’re losing your spots?

Running a small business is becoming increasingly complicated and stressful in what can be difficult economic times. You want someone on your side with a proven track record when to comes to advising you on business law. Don has an ability to get to the point quickly and concisely – just what you need when you are time poor and trying to run a successful business.

.Family Law

When the honeymoon is over…

Family Law should be addressed in an uncomplicated and straightforward manner. Yes, it’s an emotional time but, remember, don’t make decisions when you’re feeling emotional – it’s like going grocery shopping when you’re hungry. You need someone who will remove the emotion from the equation, cut through tricky questions and give you confidence to move forward. Keep it on the right track and you will be able to move on more quickly and with less expense.

.Collaborative Law

Success means working together for the best results…

We take a collaborative approach to family law and work together for our client’s interests with Milburns Law through The Fraser Coast Family Law Centre. We have found this approach most successful in restoring order in your personal and financial lives once a relationship has ended.


We’ll help open those property market doors with ease…

Whether you are looking at buying or selling either your first home or an investment property, Gayler Legal has the knowledge and experience to assist you. You need to know that your legal representatives are going to understand the process, know what the pitfalls are and appreciate that you will need help to make informed decisions with confidence.

.Deceased Estates

Losing a loved one is never easy…

It happens to all of us – we lose people we love and it’s heartbreaking. It’s hard enough dealing with the emotional side of things let alone having to wade through all the paperwork in transferring money, properties, shares etc. Come to see Don – sit down – and when you leave you will feel peace of mind that you have made a start at removing the uncertainty and seeing the forward path.

.Elder Law

Finally it’s all about your needs, wants and desires…

We’ll help you grow old disgracefully. As benefits and laws change to assist the ageing population, a strong understanding of the changes and how they affect the law will be needed. We are here to help guide you through these laws to get you the care you need and deserve.

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.Leases Retail Shop & Commercial

Are you about to start off your new business and need a Lease or, are you in business and need a renewal?

Commercial leases and retail shop leases are significantly different so make sure you understand your rights and obligations – don’t go giving something away unless you have to.

.Wills & Enduring Power of Attorney

Take the worry out of providing for your offspring…

The best way to ensure that your loved ones are protected and provided for after you have gone is to ensure that you have an up-to-date and enforceable Will.  Life can throw lots of “stuff” at you – let us help you be prepared for the un-expected.