Whether you are looking at buying or selling, either your first home or an investment property, Gayler Legal has the knowledge and experience to assist you.

You need to know that your legal representatives are going to understand the process, know what the pitfalls are, and appreciate that you will need help to make informed decisions with confidence.

This is a really big step for you

You need to feel confidence in your solicitor and from the very beginning we set out to give you that confidence together with friendly courteous service.

Making sure that you have an understanding of the conveyancing process is important, for you and us. It is important that you know how the process works and we’ll explain this to you at each step of the journey. If you understand the process then you will be able to make the informed decisions that must be made during a conveyance with confidence.

If you want advice before you sign the contract, then we can do that for you. Its all part of our fixed fee conveyancing service.

Being a firm with the cheapest fees is not for us. We have set fees which we hold to be fair for the quality service we provide.

Cut rate conveyancing fees mean simply that – cut rate advice, generally poor access to the person handling your matter and often no access to a lawyer at all.

We won’t charge you if your contract doesn’t proceed.  You might not get finance approval or you might not get a satisfactory building and pest report – THEN WE DON’T CHARGE.

Remember, nothing counts like experience

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