Family Law

Family Law should be addressed in an uncomplicated and straightforward manner. Yes, it’s an emotional time for you, but remember, don’t make decisions when you’re feeling emotional – it’s like going grocery shopping when you’re hungry. All it does is result in costing you more than you anticipated!

You need someone who will remove the emotion from the equation, cut through tricky questions, and give you the confidence to move forward. Keep things on the right track and you will be able to move on more quickly and with less expense. We are always mindful of achieving a sound “commercial” outcome and the most cost-effective option for you.

Collaborative law allows you to keep control of the process and to achieve a mutually agreeable outcome.

Choosing to fight it out in Court strips you of power and ensures that key decisions will be made without you.

Divorce and property matters are dealt with through a seamless and prompt process.  If your relationship has ended then you need to move on and start the next phase of your life.

Make an appointment and come in to talk with us.

Your current circumstances, plans for the future and aspirations are what will drive the process toward a collaborative resolution. Though you might feel you are in a precarious position right now, with an uncertain future, it won’t feel this way forever. Our goal is to help bring your divorce or separation to a speedy, peaceful, and positive resolution for both parties.

Remember, Nothing Counts Like Experience

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