July 18, 2018

Bullies and the damage they can cause

The term “bully” can be said to mean “a blustering, overbearing, quarrelsome person who habitually badgers and intimidates another person”.

Unfortunately, these sorts of people are now left to roam through the electronic world unrestricted – seeking out others whom they feel comfortable attacking.  Bullies are made, not born so something in their own lives has usually not gone the way they planned or wanted.  They can also lack some social skills, have strained relationships with their peers and can be either very intelligent or, at the other end of the spectrum, lack intelligence.

Another problem with bullies, is that they usually pull a lot of like minded individuals along behind them.  They need to have these sheep following them and empowering them.  The followers are likely to be of lower intelligence than the lead bully and are inspired by the power they feel.

It’s hard to judge when you are the victim of bullying whether the person is any of the above and, really, do you care?

No, you probably don’t care – you just want them to go away.

It’s hard to stay calm and be reasonable when you see a loved one or family member being attacked personally, especially when it’s not justified.

The bullies of the world don’t seem to understand the damage they can do – or do they?  It is interesting to note that bullies can feel empowered in the electronic world because of their ability to remain, at least sometimes, somewhat anonymous – they have the freedom to attack without any fear of reprisals, venting their frustrations and inadequacies wherever they wish.

If you are the person being bullied or a loved one of a person being bullied, it is hard to remain calm and unfazed – you should remember that these people have a driving need to put other people down in order to feel something themselves – whether it makes them feel worthwhile, gets rid of anger or whatever reason they chose.  Unfortunately for everyone else, we have to live with it – it is here to stay.

While it may seem unfair, there is rarely anything that can be done.  We all have to learn to cope with it – and just hope that they will go away eventually.

May be an organisation should be started up –  “Bullies Anonymous” where these people can go and actually get some assistance and help.  It could be run by ex-bullies who perhaps have seen the error of their ways and elected to re-join the human race.

The main things to remember are:

  1. Remind yourself that you are better than them
  2. Don’t let them take away your self-worth – you are worth more than their lies
  3. Think of the good things in your life – chances are the bully doesn’t have anything good
  4. Make yourself laugh – often
  5. Try and avoid them

All we can do is try and be the best person we can – you and your family are the judges of that – nobody else – remember that.