April 24, 2018

Calling Doctor Google

A recent media release has shown not only the dangers of self-diagnosis of ailments [via Dr Google] but also the exorbitant dollar cost to the community of using the internet to self-diagnose.

So why would this be?

It doesn’t take too much thought to understand that why we seek medical advice from skilled doctors is because of their professionalism which is based on years of sound training and on-going training and experience.

Surely common-sense dictates that no one should put their health and potentially their lives at risk by not seeking medical advice and treatment from a qualified and skilled doctor.

So why would it be that, if you as a business operator or an owner of property which is to be leased to prospective tenants [and no doubt provide an income stream], you would not seek the services of a qualified and skilled lawyer?

Like doctors, lawyers spend years being trained to gain the requisite skills and professionalism necessary to ensure that clients are provided with sound advice and that they are protected.

So why would you self-medicate and use the services of unskilled non-professionals when it comes to having a lease for your business or, if you are a landlord, put one of your income streams at risk?

We understand that one local real estate agent claims to have the ability to prepare sound and enforceable leases. In fact, this agent recently advertised a position available for a clerk to do commercial  lease preparation. One can only imagine what a mess such a person could cause with their lack of experience.  We’re happy to back our 40 years experience against that of the clerk.

If you want to have an enforceable lease and the best chance of enforcing the lease terms if things go pear shaped, then get professional advice – see a lawyer.

The other option – the one offered by the real estate agent – is like playing Russian roulette with a gun full of bullets. Remember – in the end you get what you pay for – don’t take that risk.