November 20, 2018

Debt Collection – It’s That Time of Year Again

Well it’s that time of year again.

It just seems to come around quicker and quicker each year, but that doesn’t help if you’re a business owner – it only adds to the pressure of running your business.

Whilst Christmas is a time for family and relaxation, it’s also a time for business stress. So, let’s get in early and stop or reduce the stress levels.

Christmas is quite often a time when business owners need to find extra money to send staff on holidays because for some businesses, staying open over the festive season just doesn’t make sense – either from a financial or customer support point of view.

So, with the bottom line shrinking and the need to find the time to attend to all those other business requirements, (such as GST, PAYG tax, holiday pay and all those other tasks that you perform for government – generally free of charge) it is all the more pressing to keep your accounts under control.

Always remember that you are not a branch of your local bank lending money to your clients.

You send your account once you’ve done the job.  It’s pay day, so get the money in.

Times are tough in business so don’t fail to collect (and promptly) your bills. Payment of your accounts is the life blood of your business.

If you are experiencing delays and frustrations from non-paying or slow paying clients then make use of our free debt collection booklet. It’s all part of the service here at Gayler Legal.

The debt collection book has various letters which range from pleasant requests to not so pleasant demands for payment.

There is no good reason why you should rely on your overdraft or your own money because of slow paying clients – GO FOR IT!