August 20, 2016

Do you really have the last say in your Will?

So you’ve made your Will and you’ve set out your wishes for the disposal of your estate after you die.

All pretty straightforward isn’t it. Or is it?

SBS broadcast a program on challenges to Wills. Could this really happen to your estate and your family? Take the time and follow the link to see the program.

“We need to make sure that people’s wishes, people who die and haven’t got a voice, that their wishes are fulfilled. It’s not fair for them because they’re not here to defend themselves.”

Lawyers know from experience the dynamics of families spinning out on emotion and in some cases, greed.

Lawyers are often asked to prepare a Will which ‘cannot be challenged’. There is no such thing, but what you can do is to set about informing your lawyer of any dysfunctional aspects of your family and whether or not there is a likelihood of a challenge from a beneficiary or potential beneficiary.

This is not a pleasant task but one which is necessary to ensure that your estate is not burdened with large legal and other costs.

Nothing can really stop an emotion-charged beneficiary, or potential beneficiary, making a claim but a well considered and well drafted Will can help.

The act of making a Will is really about recognition of the love you have for your family and those you wish to benefit from your estate on your death. Don’t delay in making a Will – do it now because none of us have a crystal ball to see into the future.

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