December 8, 2017

Don’s Dynamite – 2017 is Drawing to a Close

Well as 2017 draws to a close we have much to celebrate.

As for how the Dynamite ends the year, well there has after all been an abundance of targets to end off the year.

So let’s pick just a couple – one negative and one positive.

A MAYOR’S LOT………………………

What started off as a promise of change and accountability for the ratepayers of the Fraser Coast with a new Mayor committed to cleaning things up, has all come crashing down.

Mayor Chris Loft has been charged with a variety of serious offences and if you are an avid reader of that vigorous defender of our democratic rights – Yes, the Fraser Coast Chronicle – where good grammar, spelling and accurate reporting are frequently the unintended victims of the peculiar and unique style of the paper, then the Mayor is in a lot of trouble.

We are all familiar – particularly at this time of the year – with the story of the fishes and the loaves. A story which is the meat of the journalists who inhabit our local daily. They have an uncanny ability to turn a single story into three or more stories. So, what this really does is allows our local daily to demonstrate to its poor readers, on multiple occasions, its lack of journalistic skills and abilities. Not something that fazes our local journalists who obviously do not see modesty as a sin. All this and just a miserly $1.70 a day – good luck to the 84,000 people who it is alleged read the local daily each week.

So, the Mayor has had the good sense to get legal representation outside of the city limits. What each and every resident of the Fraser Coast has to look forward to, if the matter is to be contested, is what really happens in our local Council, particularly the actions of our elected representatives.

One wonders how the local daily will manage to report this. No doubt in episodes of unique reporting.

History is full of instances of what happens when good people do nothing – it’s time for action. Whatever the shortcomings of the Mayor, ratepayers should and must demand that they want better – better from their elected representatives, better outcomes for money spent and better outcomes for everyone, not just the chosen few, just to mention a couple of issues. The chosen few know who they are, but unless there is a ground swell of support for change and fairness for all, then each and everyone of us will reap the rewards for the chosen few.


Well the State election is over and not much has really changed.

Those fortunate souls who are the electors of Hervey Bay have in prospect the promise of another four years of studied indifference and of nothing happening, unless by accident. A prospect sure to warm the cockles of each elector’s hearts.

Four more years of comatose inaction by our re-elected member. The prospect of 12 years of slumber is not something thinking people should welcome with alacrity but then, when it is all boiled down, the essence of the matter is this – I think that Edward the Silent has a secret.

I call on Edward the Silent to come clean with the electors – own up – this is after all the season for good will to our fellow men and that can include being honest with not only to himself but to the electors.

So, come out of the closet Teddy. It is not a sin to admit that you are really not a climate denier. It is not a sin to be honest with your electors and your fellow men – you can tell each and everyone of us why you spend much of your time comatose.

It’s all about oxygen, isn’t it? You purposely choose not to consume any more oxygen than you really need to get you through the day at your BMR [Teddy would say Basal Metabolic Rate].

So, by not consuming more than the absolute essential minimum volume of oxygen necessary to get you through the day or night, you are really saving the planet. Saving the planet in your own way by inaction, but nevertheless, a commendable trait for anyone to pursue. You cunning devil Teddy!

So, Teddy are you really a closet Green? If you are then you could be the first Green member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly. You would be making history for all of the right reasons – not just the comatose ones!