July 25, 2018

Don’s Dynamite – August 2018

This month’s Dynamite doesn’t follow the usual format because Don and Leanne are re-charging their batteries due to the large flow of legal work coming into the practice [not to mention the significant media interest in Don]; we all need time out now and again.

To ease any disappointment for regular readers, the Dynamite is proud to announce 2 new initiatives.

Firstly, the Dynamite will establish the Dynamite foundation. The Foundation will be dedicated to excellence in Journalism and Media. Why? Well if the Indy can have a foundation there is no reason why the Dynamite can’t have its own Foundation and, besides, given the important role of the media to report facts and to report them accurately, the Dynamite holds the strong view that the foundation would be a great idea.

Secondly, the Dynamite will run 4 competitions a year – based on the seasons.

The first will be the ‘Winter Competition’. To kick things off the Winter Competition will be a Double bunger.

What that means is that not only will the winner of the Winter Competition take home a valuable prize but will also be entitled to ‘give away a special prize’.

So, to the competition – To win the prizes competitors will have to pick the day on which our local daily newspaper made the most spelling and grammatical errors in the month of August, 2018.

There are, however, some rules:

  1. Firstly, the Dynamite will, unlike our local daily, actually check the facts to make sure that all claims by contestants are legitimate;
  2. Secondly, contestants must specify the date on which the count was made in clear and unambiguous terms; and
  3. Thirdly, being a regular or irregular reader [yes one of the alleged 84,000 readers who read the local daily each week] does not disqualify you from being a contestant.

So, to the prizes:

The Giveaway – the winner of the Winter Competition will be given the opportunity to give to our local daily either of:

  • a personally autographed copy, by the late Dr Samuel Johnson, of the Unabridged Oxford Dictionary.
  • the newly US Patented and enhanced MegaListenUnderstand*** technology which has been designed specifically to assist those afflicted by the inability to hear what was actually said and to understand and report what was actually said accurately. US inventors are currently developing a like machine to assist with understanding the written word

The Prize – the winner will receive, free of charge, a fully paid one month’s subscription to our local daily.  That subscription can be in paper or electronic format. Wow, this is REALLY something to play for!!!!

But like the extra set of steak knives, there is even more good news for all. The Dynamite will offer a bursary for aspiring young journalists to undertake a course of study which will include as part of the syllabus, fact checking and appreciating the value of accurate reporting of facts.

AND THE WINNER on the inaugural Dynamite bursary is none other than our own local newshound – Carlie Walker.  Yes, Carlie stood out from the crowd and it’s not Don the first time.  The Dynamite knows that even though Carlie was actually present in court at the time, that was no guarantee that she would get the facts right. So Carlie, congratulations to you and good luck with the job ahead – getting it right can be difficult.  Your Bursary/Prize can be collected from the Dynamite’S office at a time of your choosing.

So to conclude, the Dynamite ‘s Spring Competition will involve Channel 7 and the Dynamite will shortly enter into negotiations with Channel 7 to establish its needs and wants. Well, not all needs and wants.

Warning:        The dynamite cautions all competitors entering the Winter Competition that they do so at their own risk. The Dynamite will not be responsible for psychological or other damage caused by reading more than one issue of the local daily.
*** note by dynamite – The dynamite cannot confirm with certainty whether or not such technology exists but is taking a leaf out of the media’s handbook – why let a little uncertainty get in the way of a story.