September 22, 2017

Don’s Dynamite – Cashless ‘Benefits’ Card

Well, yesterday [21 September, 2017] started with a bang, but not the bang we would all have been seeking and I am not referring to the Trump enigma and North Korea.

The news to which I refer is that the Federal Government is to trial the cashless benefits card in Bundaberg – Hervey Bay. Not that that was fresh news, it has been all over the media for some days now.

But the genius news is that Bundaberg – Hervey Bay was described as the ‘dole capital’ of Australia.

So the boon is not really for those on Centrelink benefits but for the marketers of the region. Forget chucking the prawns on the barbie, let’s just throw a few Centrelink recipients on the barbie together with the hopes and aspirations of the whole region. Well done idiots.

I don’t have issues with the Federal Government seeking to implement new initiatives but really – what about something novel. Like, let’s find jobs for these people.

So the news feed said that the cashless card would encourage the Centrelink recipients to find a job. What job would that be – the one that just doesn’t exist?

I’m not picking on the current Federal Government, the parlous state of employment opportunities in the region has been the result of neglect by government at all levels – State and Federal – and of both major parties.

The current government espouses the policy of decentralisation – like what is that? Where is the evidence that there is a policy and how any such policy might work?

Well, to be fair and present a balanced approach to things, Barnaby Joyce, the deputy Prime Minister wants to move a whole government department to Armidale. No prize for guessing who the Federal Member for New England is and in which electorate the city of Armidale is located.

Hypocrisy and cynicism are not good looks Barnaby.

But at least Barnaby is trying to do something, even if to simply feather his own nest. What about our local representatives? I have not seen an obituary for Edward the Silent so I assume he is still out there masquerading as our local representative at State level. Then, we have the erstwhile Mr Pitt who is another member specialising in doing nothing constructive or helpful but succeeding in the self- promotion arena.

Well things are desperate folks – looks like our only chance of salvation, and that of the Centrelink recipients, is that staunch defender of our democratic rights the Fraser Coast Chronicle.


So would the last one to leave please turn out the lights.