December 9, 2016

Don’s Dynamite – December 2016

Ho Ho Ho – and all that…………………..

Well it’s that time of year again, and who says that the Christmas spirit is dead?

Well if you’re an avid reader of our local daily, yes, that staunch defender of our diminishing democratic rights, the Fraser Coast Chronicle and you read this report [see FCC 06/12/16 – ‘Ratepayers Foot Mayor’s ‘$100K’Legal advice on CEO’] then, if true, the ratepayers of the region know that all is good with Santa.

So what is Hervey Bay known for – whales, great seafood and safe beaches among other things.

So what is Hervey Bay not so well known for – first as the birth place of One Nation, second as the birth place of the push for Joh for PM, thirdly as the place where the first chapter in Australia of the KKK was formed and fourthly and somewhat surprisingly, the new residence of Mr S Claus who somewhat unobtrusively moved to our region some years ago.

So if you didn’t know about Mr Claus, if you are a Christmas Grinch or one of those who believes that Santa Claus is dead, then think again.

Santa is alive and well and living at Tavistock Towers – yes right in the Council Chambers with the 11 dwarfs.

Councillors and the chosen few have been the recipients of good will and the generosity through the public purse for many years. It’s not what you know but who you know is the oft repeated mantra of the chosen few.

Now the good will and generosity is reaching even further afield. The report in the local daily suggests that the Mayor has run up a legal bill for $100,000 working out how to get rid of the CEO. To be fair though, the money has been paid to two Brisbane legal firms, not just one, and this has to be correct because Councillor Taylor has seen the bills and even toted them up.
So after spending all that money, the CEO is still ensconced in her room, though no doubt she is not dialing the Mayor’s phone extension all that much.

The Mayor and no doubt the CEO will be receiving expensive embossed Christmas Cards this year – after all as a legal firm it is essential that you show due regard and gratitude for the warring factions who put the meat in your sandwich.

We hear a lot these days about IS – the terrorist organisation which continues to cause madness and mayhem around the world. Maybe we could ask the Mayor and the CEO to move north and sit on either side of the ISIS River, one the member for North Isis and the other the member for South Isis – they could even blow each other up and save the ratepayers the continuing expense for achieving no obvious results.

Then on top of all this waste we have the continued debate about the Sports Complex. I am not opposed to the Sports Complex provided it is built with State and Federal moneys which could be applied for the creation of employment opportunities for the region’s unemployed and not yet more opportunities for the chosen few.

Ratepayers’ money should be used for providing basic services [read road, rates and rubbish] for the ratepayers of the region. Why is it that the dwarfs feel the need to build monuments to themselves, is it something to do with their stature, their egos or the benefit of the chosen few?

To finish on a happy note, just think about our how our local state member feels about all this and how as usual he continues to slip under the radar. Not even Submarine Sorensen could possibly do anything which could elevate him to the heights of the hilarity that the dwarfs achieve.

So it’s looking like a great Christmas and an even better New Year and remember now ratepayers, just you keep paying those rates, do you hear. After all the one assurance we all have as ratepayers, is that our money will be spent wisely.