February 5, 2016

Don’s Dynamite – February 2016

Oh, what a tangled web we weave……………..the next installment of the pantomime!

Well the end of March beckons and so do the signs erected around the local authority area.

The hopefuls are making their promises – the promises they won’t be able to keep because there is no block to support individual or group policies which inevitably will end in compromise – compromise which is not always for the benefit of the ratepayers.

The workings of Council and Fraser Coast Opportunities [the supposed arm’s length body of Council which is just that – an arm of Council] become clearer through its actions.

That investigative news-hound the Fraser Coast Chronicle published an article (19/01/2016) which continues its infrequent policy of enquiry into the operations of Council. The article stated that ‘Fraser Coast Regional Council CEO Lisa Desmond and Councillor Stuart Taylor spent several days last week at the Whitsundays to learn how to welcome cruise ships’’

Well hello sailor!

To help out our hard working Council representatives in their new endeavour, the report informs us that ‘the two leaders were joined by Fraser Coast Opportunities staff Tas Webber, Leigh Bennett and board member Grieg Bolderrow at the holiday destination’.

Apparently when an explanation was sought, Councillor Taylor’s response as quoted was ‘if we’re going to quibble about’$1,000 then we’re in a pretty bad place’’.

The lesson for Councillor Taylor is this:

Stu mate – this is money of the ratepayers – they give it to Council to spend wisely, and inappropriate, ill-informed and cavalier statements demonstrating ignorance and contempt do not wash with the ratepayers. To then infer that the cost for taking the happy clappers from FCO was paid for from ’the economic entity’s budget’ is apart from stretching it probably a little out of line given that FCO is funded directly by Council [well that is as far as we know because Council do not publish what they pay FCO].  Why compound the problem with this type of clap trap.  Either offer a sensible and plausible explanation or just fess up. I wonder how the Scarness voters will see the explanation offered by their Counsillor.

The current rumour doing the rounds is probably more to the point – a new sitcom ‘Love Boat down under’.  Yes Stu, word has it that you will be the antipodean version of Captain Stubing and Lisa as Cruise Director Julie McCoy.  The remainder of the cast will be beamed down from Fantasy Island.

The Mayoral betting card:

Well the field of runners who have put their names forward for the Mayoral handicap continues to grow.

Herbie Taylor [Kiwi Lad has Australian Citizen status] is in and out and then in and out.  Apparently his trainer is to advise his status shortly following the outcome of some health issues – so it’s now up to the vet.  Concern for some is based more on whether or not Kiwi Lad is an Australian Citizen and hence able to nominate at all. A doubtful starter – might not run on a heavy track.

Environmentalist Rod Dudgeon [Rod the Green] was in, then out, and finally, eventually, he is out. Apparently a solid scratching.

Another candidate [Duality Boy] can’t make up his mind whether to run for Mayor or be a Councillor though he has indicated that he will have the support of a prominent businessman. Is this a good look?  Nominating a backer might just raise some questions. Could hold emergency status as a starter but then might be carrying a little too much weight, if a starter.

Current Mayor Gerard [Incumbent] is a sure starter – but will he get the chance to reprise his bad form to date?  The smart money has his odds blowing out dramatically so keep your powder dry – just wait to see how things start to move before committing to this runner.

Councillor Chris Loft [Lofty Lad] is a confirmed starter.  He is running on a commonsense, no nonsense [no doubt no frills] theme.  So does this ‘black & gold’ brand candidate have a backer or is he really a true independent? He will carry extra weight due to having been a member of the current Council and possibly because of any potential backer/s, if disclosed. Perhaps a wait and see bet.

Then there is Jannean Dean [Graphite Girl] – little form for the punters to weigh up but then she has the benefit of carrying no associations or affiliations; Perhaps a dark horse, but only on the basis of the other starters in the race. Odds could be a little long.

STOP THE PRESS – Duality Boy is a confirmed starter.  A media release (Fraser Coast Chronicle 26/01/16) has him as a starter.  Connections with the runner have also been confirmed.

Keep an eye out for the starter’s review of the field of Councillor-hopefuls in the next e-newsletter, by which time hopefully the final list of starters will be known.