March 12, 2018

Don’s Dynamite – March 2018

This month sees a major departure from the usual Dynamite format.

We thought the Dynamite should focus on a positive issue, well more or less, but perhaps with a little kicker at the end.

So, let’s avoid the usual inactive political representatives and pass onto what we see as a positive trend.

Positive Signs

Here at the Dynamite we believe that we are seeing some very positive signals for not only the economy generally, but for our region.

We’re busy with a whole range of new work, so much so that we have found it necessary to engage more staff. This is work which we would contend demonstrates that clients and those in the broader community are a little more upbeat about things economic.

The word from real estate agents is that house prices continue to edge up and there is interest in areas of real estate which have been dormant for quite some time.

Our discussions with clients lead us to believe that this air of optimism is spreading – a positive for all concerned.

Building on this positivity will be the key for our region.

To do that let’s just have a look at how we might provide some momentum.

The Dynamite acknowledges that shopping centres like Stocklands [Hervey Bay] are good for the region. If nothing else, it demonstrates a level of confidence felt in those who build shopping centres that our region has a positive outlook. No doubt this is based on migration patterns and overall growth in our population base.

The Dynamite promotes shopping locally – buying on line or out of town [unless it cannot be avoided] does not promote our region. Those who operate small businesses will always find success a challenge – but each and everyone of us can support local small businesses by shopping locally.

The duopoly of Coles and Woolworths are like an octopus – their tentacles intrude into almost every area of retail – from selling us an apple to selling us insurance and no doubt the list of services and options will continue to grow. But before you say ‘Well it’s all about convenience and being able to find everything in the one place’ – just stop. Yes, Coles and Woolworths do provide lots of employment but so do local businesses.

So, for example, if you buy your house or car insurance at Coles or Woolworths, what happens to the small business operator who provides insurance services? Common sense tells us that the Coles of the world will always outrun and outlast the small operator. That’s history – that’s a fact. Competition is good for all of us – monopolies or even duopolies are not necessarily good for us.

Remember – local small businesses employ local people – local people spend money locally. It’s all cyclic but that’s how the system works.

In our business, which is a small legal business, we employ 8 local people. So, if you’ve nothing better to do then sit down and take a sample of some of the small businesses you might visit during the course of a week. The people you meet there, the people who serve you there, are the people who rely on you for their continued success as small business operators and the people who rely on you for security of employment.

We live in a region of high unemployment – what will you do to help those who live in our region?

In our business and in our daily lives, my family chooses to buy locally and we only buy out of town if what we want or need is not available in town. Buying on line, which is becoming very popular, is not something we engage in – it is impersonal [we prefer face to face contact], is probably dealt with through an overseas organisation, it does not bring $1 to our region and in any event does not help those who have a job and want job security or help those who want to find work.

You may not be a great spender, but never underestimate the value of your spend.

Just something to think about!

Punting and the Safe Money.

Well the Dynamite could avoid the recent happenings in Canberra and the recent non-happenings in Hervey Bay but it’s just too hard to avoid our local Council.

With the removal of Mayor Loft by the Minister it seems now that the race for our mayoral aspirants is hotting up.

One small issue which has to be overcome is the confirmation that the decision by the Minister to remove Mayor Loft was indeed lawful. Watch this space for the Court’s ruling.

So, moving right along, the aspirants for the current vacant mayor’s position are somewhat in a state of flux.

Rumours abound but then in the cold light of day some possible contenders have had reality set in and are no longer interested in the pursuit of the mayoral chains and their photograph hanging in the halls of power.

Acting Mayor George Seymour of George of the Jungle/Man of Steel fame is said to be considering running. The Dynamite’s view is that the Man of Steel will be seen loitering around the poll registration location with his nomination in his pocket waiting to see if there are any serious contenders and then if not, then there will be a last minute nomination.

Strong and determined leadership is something that the ratepayers are always looking for.

Councillor Darren Everard is shortening in the odds to stand. Always a serious contender for any position Darren is rumoured to be waiting for a letter written by himself [or one of his alter egos] confirming that he should stand for the vacant mayoralty position. The soon to arrive letter will be confirmation of Darren’s communication skills [particularly in electronic mail] and his burgeoning band of supporters.

Apparently, Darren’s only concern is that the letter written to him by his alter ego might not be received in time for him to throw his hat into the ring.

Word around the traps is that if the letter is not received in time then Darren and his group of alter egos will launch a class action against Australia Post.

The rest of the field

While rumours abound, other likely runners are not yet making clear their intentions.

It would be fair to anticipate the usual line up of regulars for elected positions along with the usual pack of letter opening attendees.

The tip

Keep your money in the bank or the TAB account. No clear winner has yet nominated and in any event it could well be a poor field of starters.