July 15, 2016

Don’s Dynamite – ‘Mates Gate’ and the Chosen Few

‘Mates Gate’ and the Chosen Few

Devotees of local council politics have witnessed the first shots in ‘Mates Gate’ which saw the appointment of an ‘advisor’ by the State Government to assist the Mayor and Councillors in carrying out their duties.

The appointment was predictably characterised by the local self-appointed business elite, in an act of gross self-indulgence and wanton buffoonery, as a retrograde step and negative for business confidence.

The issue was given legs by that strong, determined and resolute guardian of the interests of the local citizenry, the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

Hopefully, the intervention by the advisor and closer scrutiny by Government of council practices might result in lower rates and charges if some well known local practices cease.

The shrill utterances of the few do not persuade me that a review of Council practices is not a good thing. The few would know, as captains of industry and business, that every worthwhile and responsible business (including those charged with spending public money) MUST review their business practices from time to time.

The idea of a level playing field, promoted by the few, might well be a sloping field more inclined to favour the few?

Democratic governance is after all, ‘for the people by the people’. Is it just that sometimes some of us lose sight of this ideal?