January 1, 2018

Don’s Dynamite – Mayoral Trials

Mayor Loft has made his first appearance in court to answer the charges brought against him.

That staunch defender of our democratic rights, yes the Fraser Coast Chronicle, where spelling, grammar and accuracy are the first casualties of any report published by our local daily, has struck out with a new approach – ‘rolling news coverage’.  Luck is a blessing for those avid readers of the local daily.  The rolling revelations have been nothing short of extremely dull and boring but then it really is hard to keep a good man [or in the case of the local daily – an honourable organ of news gathering] down – trite and meaningless observations should not be sidelined by anyone.

The Mayor has said that he is looking forward to his day in court and that the truth will come out.

As ratepayers we can only hope so.

The best outcome for the ratepayers of the Fraser Coast will be if the workings of the council are fully aired and made transparent so that we all get to see the involvement of those in the ‘white thong brigade’. It will be interesting to see who knows who and if a palm greasing environment really exists. Then of course, had the State Government really had the where with all and the nerve to get on with the process years ago, then we might all have actually been subject to decent and inclusive governance for an extended period of time and all of this current nonsense might not have been necessary.

If the Mayor is sacked by the Minister then joy of joys it might just be that ‘George of the Jungle’ or ‘the Man of Steel’ or ‘the Prince of Urangan’ [as he was styled by one journalist who has since left the region] could get to take over the reins until the issue of the Mayor and his office is resolved.

If these circumstances result, then any notion of strong and determined leadership will be hard to detect.

Time will tell but when the court case proceeds the local daily will have every opportunity to get things muddled consistently and out of order with questionable spelling and grammar. What a prospect awaits us all!