November 23, 2018

Don’s Dynamite – Monty Python Alive in Hervey Bay

Monty Python – alive and living in Hervey bay!

Well Monty might have discovered the Ministry of Silly Walks but in Hervey Bay up at Tavistock Towers, we have the Ministry of Silly Talks – obviously a new initiative of our City fathers.

Just consider this – you make an application to the Council, in part based on a suggestion from a well- meaning Council Officer, only to find out that when it comes to the approval of your application, you get a severe kick in the shins.

You lodge an appeal. Just to complicate matters you might not necessarily have complied with every aspect of an earlier approval you have for the site, but nevertheless, in good faith you enter into an agreement with Council as to terms of settlement that resolves the appeal.  You go home confident that you can move your matter forward to completion and operate your business as it should be.

You’re fair dinkum, so in good faith and in the terms of the agreement reached with Council, you do all that you have to do to fix your side of the deal. You’ve even agreed to steps to allow the Council to enforce the orders which might result in severe penalties for you.

But then, the Council changes its mind.  Never mind the agreement reached.

You’re confused, shocked and disappointed?  Not an unreasonable outcome one might think – after all you did have an agreement with Council to sort out the issues under appeal.

You go with your advisors to see the Minister AKA the Mayor AKA George of the Jungle, but the Minister is not to be moved.  The Minister is after all a very important personage – full of power and respect for the high office he holds. He will not be swayed even though Council has agreed on terms to settle the appeal.

The Minister is reminded that this is all about the integrity of the Council – how can it be that you have been given the green light and then when you are half way across the intersection the light changes to red and you’re caught in no-mans-land.

Well the sad tale of woe could go on and on and on…………..but then like most stories there is a moral to it.

And it is – if you do a deal with Council then beware – it might not be worth the paper it’s written on because in the Ministry for Silly Talks – words are of limited value it would seem.

Fair dinkum – true blue pm!

What is it about politicians – particularly those who float or scheme their way to the top?

First, we had Kevvy Rudd – he had visions of being a Fair Dinkum bloke.  We all remember his ‘fair shake of the sauce bottle’ episode.

Kevvy wanted to be one of us – a fair dinkum, true blue guy with the common touch.

A less likely candidate for fair dinkum or true blue you would ever be likely to meet – Kevvy will always be remembered as the lead in the Bill Leak cartoons of the time, as the principal character in the Tin Tin comic sketches.

So, fresh from the historical warning of Kevvy, our new PM, our own Scomo,  decides that he too wants to become one of us. History can be great teacher or a graveyard for those who fail to note the lessons of history.

So off goes Scomo – on his bus and plane trip through Queensland.

And as the bus plunges into the abyss of political death, Scomo does his best to be one of us – he even buys into the Bunnings argument [not yet determined] as to whether or not the onions should be under the sausage or on top.

It was indeed a pity that Scomo didn’t extend his trip to include Hervey Bay. I was there, ready with my bright blue adornments, megaphone, Aussie flag, the works, but there was a no show by Scomo. Alas my waving arm was not put to good use.

Hervey Bay has been at the epicentre of Australian politics for yonks – who could forget that we have the enviable titles of being the birthplace of the Joh for Canberra push and the birthplace of One Nation.

Scomo – opportunity missed mate – but then I fear there might be a few more missed and to be missed.

Living in paradise!

Great news – after all we are entering the season of goodwill.

Our Federal pollies have given us the news we have all wanted to hear.  Canberra is corruption free so pack your bags folks and let’s go.

It seems that the cost of freedom and good living [without corruption] is some winter clothing to ward off the chill winds that blow down that way and not the hot air that is prevalent from time to time.

Both major political parties have consistently voted against the establishment of a Federal corruption watch-dog.  The reason is straightforward – now we know – there is no corruption in Canberra or in Federal politics.

Leave now folks – move to Canberra asap – before you need a visa to get into the ACT/Shangri la/Nirvana.

Courage and our local daily

Yes folks – that staunch defender of our democratic rights – the Fraser Coast Chronicle – is at it again.

The FCC hasn’t caught on yet and apparently failed to report the shenanigans of a local business identity who recently received a public rebuke for his actions.

Well there would seem to be two options – first, they have chosen not to report the matter or second, they haven’t been able to find the reports from the statutory body or other news outlets.

If the first option applies, then one might wonder why they would take such action – does a get out of jail free pass have any connection with paid advertising with the FCC or related publications?

If the second option applies, then it’s a good thing that the FCC reporters have GPS available to them – it might just be that this would help them find their way to work each day.

It appears that when it comes to reporting a story, the fearlessness of some media outlets does not necessarily apply across the board. Pity!