November 3, 2015

Don’s Dynamite

Well, it’s all go in downtown Hervey Bay.

The barrier gates haven’t opened for the Mayoral race but already we have 1 certain candidate and 2 potential candidates for the Mayor of the Fraser Coast Regional Council – though in the latter case one of the candidates is only rumoured to be a starter.

The likely candidates so far are not likely to be described as a Melbourne Cup field, the descriptor ‘Stellar’ would be an abuse of the English language and it would probably be defaming the likely field at next year’s Torbanlea races to use it as a comparison.

First into the barrier stalls is ‘Incumbent’.  When asked by the Chronicle a little earlier as to whether or not Incumbent would be a starter Incumbent’s trainer replied that he would consider whether or not a start would be appropriate.  A short head later Incumbent declared himself a starter. Track form has been bad and his last few outings have not proved promising – unless you call upsetting the punters with poor positioning on the rails a positive.

The most telling assessment on his track record was the punter who let it slip that he was pleased that Incumbent was running so that he could be “voted out”. Me thinks that Incumbent might have too much weight to carry to be the favourite and on top of this the late mail has it that his odds will be long.

The newcomer ‘Lofty Ideals’ has yet to get into the barrier stalls.  He is said to be gauging the market and no doubt the opposition. Whether or not the newcomer moves up a division to the premier field [loosely termed] will be a matter of interest for some but not too many others.  Recent track form has been questionable but there are still a few months of possible track work to overcome some of the obvious hurdles.

The Chronicle straw poll would suggest that the odds for Incumbent and Lofty Ideals are much of a muchness. What the straw poll suggests is that the punters don’t want either horse as the favourite. So the punters wait in anticipation of the ‘Dark Horse’ which they hope is yet to nominate and this could be the interesting mover if a nomination if forthcoming.

The real test for Dark Horse is the level of interference it will encounter from those from the current circle of influence.

As to the Councillor Cup, so far there have been a few nominations but nothing to spur a great deal of interest for the punters.

The late mail is that the punters are uneasy – if one or two of the current batch are returned then that will be it.  The rest have no form or poor form.

The first flush of promise after the outing of the previous council drew similarities to the life of a rose in the desert. Short but then not spectacular and that was where the similarities ended as the current crop withered on the vine.

Ah! But a week is a long time in politics [local or otherwise], so the saying goes, but almost 4 years of the current batch would stretch the patience of most.

The punters are stirring – March can’t come quickly enough for most.