November 17, 2016

Don’s Dynamite: November 2016

Regular readers of Don’s Dynamite are in for a treat this month with Don’s acerbic wit casting a long shadow.

To avoid any suggestion that Don is picking on any particular level of government, this article traverses all 3 levels of government.

Federal politics

That dogged defender of our democratic rights [Fraser Coast Chronicle] actually bared it’s teeth recently and published an open letter to the Prime Minister asking him what he intended to do in relation to the desperate circumstances confronting regional Queenslanders.

We can all remember that elusive character, Jobson Growth, who appeared at every opportunity during the election campaign purporting to be the saviour of true blue Aussies and the diminishing jobs market.

Now that the election is over, Jobson has not been seen nor heard of. His absence/disappearance is akin to that of the once missing Adolph Hitler though there is no suggestion that Jobson has been seen in South America. So, the open letter to the PM was timely and to the point.

Where are the jobs and growth that were promised, particularly to regional Queenslanders – the real people who need real help and support from the government – not just words.

Times are crook in Tallarook as the saying goes.

So with no positive response from the PM other than for him to seek the help of the Lord Mayor of Brisbane as to how to turn his faltering fortunes around, one might be excused for thinking that perhaps we might need to look for more of a local flavour to turn our mis-fortune around.

So if the PM was a student then his report card would probably say ‘initially showed great promise but disappointment is the only outcome’.

So step forward Keith Pitt MHR. So elusive has Mr Pitt MHR been that the Fraser Coast Chronicle recently published [or mis-published, if there is such a word] a photograph of a Mr Pitt. Not Mr Pitt MHR [unless I am mistaken] and certainly not the one we are all seeking.

One can only wonder if the FCC knew something we all didn’t. Was the person in the photograph a Mr Pitt who could actually do something? Or was it just a desperate plea for help by the FCC on behalf of the electors of Hinkler. We are all left to wonder.

Anyway, Mr Pitt MHR – [alias the Scarlet Pimpernel – they seek him here, they seek him there, they seek him everywhere] is not to be found and remains mute when it comes to the task of responding to the open letter. Strong representation by our local Federal Member is not in evidence. Perhaps his elevation to the position of Assistant Minister was more due to lack of talent in the LNP rather than raw ability on his part. Come on Keith, let’s not be shy and hide your light under a bushel – it’s time to break your silence – we are all waiting.

State politics

Spare a thought for the poor old electors of the seat of Hervey Bay in the State house. These poor souls have been saddled with a dud for almost 8 years. The city appears to be on the crest of a wave despite the less than zero efforts of the local member. Teddy [alias ‘Submarine Sorensen] is a fully paid up member of the silent service – a membership which he will no doubt continue so long as the electors are prepared to tolerate his almost total lack of ability to adequately represent Hervey Bay. Teddy’s greatest attributes appear to be his proven ability to remain silent and inactive. Aren’t these just the qualities we all want from a strong and forceful representative of the people?

When it comes to politicians and talking of ‘Jobs and Growth’ it would of course help if they knew something about creating jobs other than jobs for themselves when they find a job [and the attendant largesse] in parliament. Though to be fair, at least in the Hinkler and Hervey Bay electorates we have managed to keep at least 2 of the most unqualified and untrained non-assets off the streets.

Council politics

Councillors threatening to sue each other and still the posturing goes on.

So the latest issue to be aired is the Petition to the State government to release the findings of the report into the Fraser Coast Regional Council to the public.
One concerned citizen apparently felt the need to start a petition to the government for the rate payers of FCRC to have access to the report.

After all, the people paid for the report and the ratepayers continue to suffer the consequences of what has been described as a dysfunctional council.

Why shouldn’t we all have the right to know what our elected councillors do, don’t do or perhaps more importantly, can’t do. Might just be interesting if not illuminating reading.

So here’s hoping that the State government listens to the people – we could all see new ground being broken here.

No doubt there will be more to come on this topic so stayed tuned.

Then just to cap matters off, the Council gets a less then flattering mention in the State house in connection with the goings on at Tavistock Towers. Seems that apart from the earlier email debacle with Cr Everard, the Mayor now has his own ’email gate’. Great stuff.

What was of interest though, was the call by one local luminary not to look backwards, but rather to look forward. Now why would that be? Anyone have any ideas?