February 17, 2017

Don’s Dynamite – Sayonara CEO

Sayonara, adios, auf wiedersehen, adieu, goodbye………………..

Well it’s happened. At Council’s meeting on 6 February, 2017 the axe finally fell.

Readers of that guardian of our civil rights, yes the Fraser Coast Chronicle, reported on Tuesday [07/02/2017] that the epic saga ‘Days of our Lives – Fraser Coast Style’ ended when by a vote of 7 to 4 Councillors voted to end the contract with the CEO.

There must have been some amazing moments because the FCC reported that Councillors Seymour and Sanderson joined with Councillors Loft, Maddern, Light and Chapman to end the farce which the ratepayers have been subjected to for many months.

Man of Steel, George Seymour was quoted in the FCC as citing ‘an internal operational report as the reason why he voted to pass the motion’.

MOS said, according to the FCC, ‘I guess we needed a fresh start. It’s incumbent on us to work together. I think we need to put aside the differences and deliver for the community’. Nothing quite like quoting the bleeding obvious, but anyway, well done MOS.

If the FCC’s reporting over a number of days is fully considered it appears that there were two reports, the latter not published but the State Government advisor’s report handed down in October, 2016 is said to have found the Council had ‘a culture of control, favouritism, a lack of trust, a fear of reprisal, low morale and a toxic working environment’.

Just the place anyone would want to work. This all leaves us to consider what might be in the second report, because it so moved the MOS that he changed his vote for the CEO to go. Ratepayers can only wonder if the report will ever be made public.

With all this in mind Cr Vernon Verbose (aka Cr David Lewis), apparently the only Councillor to speak to the FCC following the decision to terminate the CEO’s contract, was left to ponder the CEO’s dismissal in these terms [as quoted in the FCC 07/02/2017]. ‘It will certainly create some change. I don’t believe the CEO’s performance is the totality of the council’s concerns’. He was quoted as even going further:

‘We’ve still got a long way to go to improve the culture. It’s a very sad day.’

Sad day? Well Vernon, if no doubt tiny segments of the reports made public show as set out above, then what would make for a happy day if you were working in such an environment?

So well done Vernon – if you want to say things like this then you might be best advised not to speak at all. If there are two reports which come to the conclusion that things are not right then what do you want Vernon – ‘a large series of industrial claims to fall on the Council’s head which means the ratepayers?’.

You might just be a little out of touch Vernon and perhaps you should consider where you might be going in representing your constituents.

No doubt like most happenings there are wrongs on both sides of the argument but if the reports are uncomplimentary or damming then it begs the question as to why four leaders of our community would choose not to act to support the employees of the largest single employer in our region.

Well let’s hope that things move forward in a positive way and that the ratepayers get value for money from those elected to represent them and not have resources squandered on infighting which benefits no one.

It’s time to turn the page.