August 15, 2016

Don’s Dynamite: Tavistock Towers Trifecta

Well after a relatively quiet time at the Towers, that bastion of ratepayers rights where the interests of ratepayers are paramount, the 12 disciples (less 1) have broken out of their lethargy and given the ratepayers hope that all might be well on the Fraser Coast. If you are an avid watcher of things council and you retain a burning desire to see value for money from you payments for rates and services, then stay tuned.

Only kidding!

So for those who think equine when you think of our community leaders, here are a few tips for the next outing of the chosen few.

Race 1 – New Burb Stakes

The Fraser Coast Chronicle form guide [page 5 – 28/07/16] raised the issue of a change of name of the CBD.

This proposal smacks of genius – I for one am certain [without fear of contradiction] that changing the name of the CBD will certainly end any financial stress our council is likely to endure in the future. Ratepayers can look forward to a reduction in rates and charges, all because of a name change.

Where do these people get off?

Nevertheless, the possibilities are unlimited – go you good thing!!

What genius came up with this idea? Another waste of money as was clearly identified by Urangan’s ‘Man of Steel’, Councillor Seymour who said ‘It would cause confusion – it would cost a lot of money and nobody has asked me for it’.

Yes – who is really driving this matter?

Anyway, as we all know our council will proceed on its merry way so when it comes to a name change, my suggestion is that we use the name of a high profile property developer for the new suburb. Any other name suggestions?

My tip – a real goer at any price when you look at the breeding.

Race 2 – Hidden meaning/misnomer Handicap

The Fraser Coast Chronicle form guide [pages 1 & 4 – 28/07/16] raised the issue of councillors voting on a mosque petition. On page 4, the Chronicle chose to attempt to disguise the issue under the banner ‘Council debates religion’.

‘Man of Steel’, Councillor George Seymour was at it again. A busy day for George, but at least George got it right and good on you George. The petition which apparently bore the title ‘stop the mosque’ was nothing more than that and any attempt to characterise the petition as a debate on the establishment of places of worship was at best disingenuous.

The fact that any councillor should even set about putting such a motion before the council is disgraceful. Was the promoter intending a Trump – maybe the next step is the wire fence and compound along the border. Shame on the proponents of the motion.

My tip – there are more than enough decent people in our community to make this an early scratching. Intolerance will not ever be first across the line in a decent and tolerant society.

Australians are well-respected, decent and compassionate people who savour their reputation for accepting migrants so let’s keep it that way. If in doubt, just look back at the post-war migration and see the benefits all Australians have derived not only financially, but through the richness of the cultures that have been integrated into our society.

Race 3 – Dundowran Gift

The latest rumour doing the rounds – though not yet in the pages of the Chronicle – is that the council will gift to a certain club at the bottom end of town land at Dundowran to establish a bowls club.

Question – if this is to eventuate, why should council make such a gift? After all, there is no good reason why your money as a ratepayer should be gifted to a club which on the face of it makes lots of money and has assets which it would sell for other purposes.

My tip – if enough of the chosen few want it then it could well end up happening. Best outcome for all of us would be an early scratching to avoid wasting more ratepayer money.