September 11, 2015

Don’s Dynamite – The Same old Story

It’s still the same old story

Well, it’s that time of year again – the time when community rates and charges go up again thanks to our local Council.

In the Fraser Coast Regional Council area the whinge about increased Council rates has started already. Council has announced its increases for rates for the new financial year with the anticipated outpouring of angst from those who feel aggrieved.

The increases in rates will, as usual, fall hardest on those who can least afford the increases. Does Council really care?

So it is understandable that those who are least able to pay for the increases in rates will want to be heard.

What appears to escape the attention of most people is that our local Council seems to have moved away from the delivery of the basic services for ratepayers – the 3 R’s. Roads, Rates and Rubbish – it’s all rather elementary Gerrard, but for many years now Council has drifted off into misadventures which ultimately cost the ratepayers dearly.

The most recent fiasco residing at the door of Council has been “Fraser Coast Opportunities“. Opportunities for some – but not for all. With little to crow about in the achievements department, FCO has proven to be a costly exercise for ratepayers and a ratepayer-funded opportunity for those in the know.

Ratepayers have an opportunity to change things – there is a Council election coming up at the end of March next year. So there is the opportunity to change the make-up of the Council and elect sensible and responsible civic leaders – those who have the best interests of all ratepayers at heart and not just a select few.

The well-known revolutionary Che Guevara said this – “The right of the people to resist oppression always exists – the power to do so resides in the people“.

I am not suggesting that the ratepayers are oppressed but rather to make it clear that that the power to do something about the rates charged by Council resides with the ratepayers.

Come on – enough is enough. Let’s change the culture and make our civic leaders answerable to the ratepayers and stop unnecessary public expenditure on foolish mis-adventures. Ratepayers’ money should be used for the benefit of all ratepayers – not just a select few.