November 20, 2017

Don’s Dynamite – Time to Vote

Well it’s been a little while since the Dynamite appeared in all its glory but with the State Election all set to go this Saturday it’s all too good an opportunity for the Dynamite to miss.

So let’s look at the field. Not a Melbourne Cup field by any test but is there any hope for the electors of Hervey Bay?

The Dynamite’s form guide –

Jenni Cameron [Greens]

I’ve not heard of Jenni but it is fair to say that the Greens do not poll all that well in Hervey Bay.

Unless Jenni has a higher profile than I know of she is just making up the numbers. Write your own odds on this starter but she shouldn’t trouble the bookmakers.

Jannean Dean [Independent]

Jannean has started in a few provincial meetings with, at best, scratchy form.

Not much trouble here for the bookies.

Ted Sorensen [LNP]

The recent report on sample polling published by that staunch defender of our democratic rights [Yes – the Fraser Coast Chronicle] shows that Ted is losing support. The report suggested that the slippage was 10%. You’ve really got to feel for Teddy – after 9 years of doing nothing and studiously keeping an extremely low profile, one is moved to ask the question – ‘What do the punters really want?

With all those taxpayer funded flights to Brisbane, free meals and cheap drinks it’s no wonder that Edward the Silent is jaded and needs a rest. Doing nothing and achieving nothing can really sap one’s energy.

As to the odds – see my final comment.

Damien Huxham [One Nation]

Well Damien has been out there throwing punches, making promises and all those things that someone who has no chance of ever implementing policies seems to make.

One Nation have form in Hervey Bay so you can’t write this candidate off.

Damien has a profile through his previous outings but he has to run second to be a chance. Can he make second place?

Adrian Tantari [ALP]

Adrian didn’t have much of a profile at the beginning of the campaign but thanks to the misguided he now does have a substantial profile.

The misguided, who obviously want the One National candidate to run into second place, have alleged all sorts of things when it comes to Adrian.

I know Adrian and the rubbish which has been published about him is not just annoying but no doubt just untrue. The comments or actions which have been attributed to Adrian are comments or actions which I know are not part of Adrian’s make up.

So it’s just a pity that some of those involved in the campaigns of others could not get to the truth of it all.

My tip on the outcome:

Edward the Silent by a short nose to get across the line with the help of One Nation.

Adrian Tantari to run second with One Nation third.

So get ready for more of the same – nothing to happen unless by accident or planned by a higher authority.

Teddy reminds me a little of the Sleeping Beauty. The question for all voters on 25 November, 2017 is – ‘Is there a charming Prince out there brave enough to want kiss Edward the Silent and wake him from his 9 years of comatose slumber?’

On previous trends, voters have been prepared to tolerate the prolonged slumber so let’s all keep in mind that in the end we get the kind of representative we deserve.

Happy voting on the 25th.