February 4, 2019

Don’s Dynamite – Welcome to 2019

Welcome to 2019 – a year that will bring all that we want to achieve and at a pace that allows us time for all those family activities and pursuits that quite often take second place to more pressing issues.

The Dynamite wants to start 2019 on a promising and positive note but before we do that let’s just stop and look at that favourite dream team, the media and our local daily.

Arguably the main stream media have two functions – to inform and to educate. Heavens knows how our local daily could ever hope to educate [or inform] anyone in our community given the appalling standard of the articles they produce.

But, having read their article of 16 January, 2019 on how scammers got away with a significant sum of money by hacking into a transfer of funds from the sale of a property in the South Burnett, I’m left scratching my head.

By any test the matter reported is an unfortunate event, but if there is any credit due to our local daily, it is that people should be very careful in providing details of bank accounts and other information which might be hacked. As lawyers, we do this each and every day – scammers are a part of the internet.

Where the media got lost on this matter is this – the unfortunate Kingaroy solicitors were as much victims of the hacking as the intended recipient of the moneys sent electronically. What was to be gained by firstly indicating that the solicitors came from Kingaroy or actually naming the firm?

To suggest that the media lacks common sense and is essentially stupid might be putting things a little mildly. All that has happened here is that the media [including our local daily] has added another level of grief and concern for the solicitors who are also victims of the scam.

No doubt the intended recipient of the funds will be recompensed by the solicitors’ insurer so in the end all that is left, after the warning to members of the public, is the harm which will be suffered by the solicitors who didn’t need to be named and by implication at least, shamed.

But then, when you come to our local daily, the question is this – given their obvious enthusiasm in reporting the matter referred, why did they fail to report the public rebuke handed out to a local solicitor?

Seems like the local daily’s favourite night time reading, as they snuggle up under the blanket, is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – except in their revised edition, there are 9 Dwarfs. They have ‘Gutless’ and ‘Hopeless’ added to ‘Dopey’ and the rest.

Well done local daily – but then of course what would one expect.

So – the Dynamite’s promise is to be hopefully more positive and with a touch of humour. It shouldn’t be that hard should it? But then when instances such as this arise it’s a bit hard to be positive and see the up side. This could happen to anyone in business so if you receive and send money via your business, then take care and be vigilant.