July 27, 2017

Don’s Dynamite – Welcome Visitors from Down South!

Welcome visitors from down south!

That well known local defender of our civil and legal rights – yes the Fraser Coast Chronicle – reported recently that the anti-corruption watchdog [The Triple C] was to investigate some of the activities of  our local Council.

Ratepayers and residents can only hope that the Triple C actually does have a rod of steel somewhere and fearlessly investigates and, if any corruption is found, prosecutes those involved.

How far back in time or what particular matters the Triple C will investigate is anyone’s guess.

No doubt the ‘White Thong Brigade’ will have a particular interest in matters to be investigated.

One can only hope that “Retro-Robin” is high on the agenda.  Who is Retro-Robin I hear you ask?  Well we all know that folk lore has it that the real Robin Hood [resplendent in green tights and a green felt hat] robbed from the rich to give to the poor, well Retro-Robin robs from the poor [read ratepayers] to give to himself.

Perhaps justice for all is near at hand.  We can only hope that the Triple C is not unfamiliar with the maxim – ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’.

Go the Donald!

As citizens of the world we have responsibilities to each and every citizen of the world.

So when the Leader of the Free World, in his punch up with North Korea, declared that he was considering options against the rouge state, it was clear that he was not ruling out ‘boots on the ground’.

The implications of the erratic Leader’s statement were not lost on the responsible citizens of the world.

We all realize that, while war is abhorrent, that it might just be that from time to time our country has to go to war to preserve the freedoms which we enjoy.

The worrying aspect for the Dynamite was the alacrity with which our nation’s fearless leaders jumped on board the good ship USS Donald the Foolhardy.

Malcolm the Marvel couldn’t wait to throw his hat into the ring.  We would be there he declared.

Just to make sure that the we all understood how steadfastly we supported boots on the ground, Barnaby the Brainless, couldn’t wait to endorse the potential misadventure outlined by Malcolm the Marvellous.

Message for MM and BB – only too happy to support the boots on the ground approach, but only if MM and BB are the first 4 boots on the ground.

Prospects for Cardboard Bill adopting a different approach would also seem a little remote.

Perhaps this novel approach – that is sending politicians [who would send our youth to war] as the first to go into action might well put the brakes on when it come to rushing off to war.