February 23, 2017

Earning Your Trust

At Gayler Legal we do things differently.

First, we leave formality at the door. We understand that often clients will be nervous or apprehensive when they first arrive at our office. So ‘informality’ is the key word for us and we set out to do this for a very important reason.

We want your trust. We don’t take your trust for granted. We know that we have to earn your trust so we very deliberately set out to ease any tension that might exist and create an environment where you feel comfortable and at ease. We want to get to know you and what makes you tick, because this is the best way to get to the nub of your concerns and to set about making things right.

We make a point of listening more to you rather than speaking to you. We know the importance of knowing when to speak and when not to speak. We want to get to know you and understand you, a simple but effective approach.

We don’t assume – we want to understand.

We know it’s important to you that we understand your problems or concerns. It’s important to us because it helps us quickly identify what the issues are and how we can best deal with the issues by giving sound and relevant advice.

We set out to connect with you – you’re a very important person to us, not just a number and above all we want you to be a long term client of our firm. Not really that hard is it? We don’t see value for you in our dressing up and strutting around, because we know that you want plain and direct advice in language you understand. After all, our business is really about communication – us understanding you and you understanding us.

We know that you want us to understand and confirm your needs. Together we need to set timelines for actions to be taken, things to be done and outcomes to be achieved. That’s what we’re about. The showy stuff can wait, though we’re not big on that anyway.

We don’t offer false hope.

We know that you want honest answers. We too often hear the refrain, “they said put dollars into our trust account and we’ll get the matter going”. We run a business and want to get paid too, but getting paid and having valued and loyal clients is the icing on the cake. Happy and satisfied clients are our best advertisement.

We know that in some cases the answer to your concern might well not be a legal answer. We’re happy to tell you that and refer you to a valued professional who adopts the same approach as us.

This is what drives us and this is the cornerstone of our success as a legal firm.