March 15, 2018

Employers – Know Your Rights

The Leader of the free world, President Trump, has shown employment lawyers the way ahead.

No longer the need to sit down with employees and break the bad news that they no longer have a job or why they no longer have a job.

President Trump’s approach to dismissing employees is cutting edge and uses new and emerging technology.

Why spend time worrying about how and why the employee has to go – simply tweet them. Other forms of electronic media can work just as well – facebook, Instagram and the list goes on.

No longer the need to worry about what position the employee might hold – if the Donald can get rid of the Secretary of State then there is no need to hold back any longer.

What a brave approach by President Trump – and we know that his approach is not only brave but is consistent with his already demonstrated bravery.

Just the other day President Trump said, when speaking of the latest high school shooting in the USA, that he would have raced in and confronted the gunman even if he wasn’t armed himself. Well man that is brave. Isn’t it?

Though it is just a little hard to reconcile this apparent bravery with his approach to the Secretary of State. Having sent a tweet announcing the sacking of the Secretary of State, the Donald was then so awash with brave intentions that he got his assistant to give the Secretary the news that he was in fact sacked. The inhabitants of the ‘land of the brave and home of the free’ are blessed to have such are leader, aren’t they!

Well at Gayler Legal we do practice in employment law – but we do it sensibly and logically and in accordance with the law.

So, if you have employment issues which need attention, then give us a call – you will get good advice and above all you will be dealt with sympathetically, respectfully and in a professional manner.