March 7, 2018

Even the ducks are heading north for Winter

Autumn is here and soon it will be winter time, not that you would notice it in a place like Hervey Bay.

So, if you live down south and winter is not your favourite time of year, then why not consider a move to Hervey Bay or an investment property in Hervey Bay. We’ve given up counting the days of sunshine we have each year – we just accept sunshine as the norm.

If you’re motivated to move north to Paradise – where the sun always shines then we’ve set out some useful material to help you on your way.

Why not visit?

Here in Hervey Bay and the Fraser Coast, we’re pretty laid back – stress is something to read about or witness on television.

So, book that trip and come and see for yourself. There are direct flights from Sydney and even Melbourne is no more than a little over two hours away.

Come and sample the lifestyle that could be yours – sample all that the region has to offer but above all enjoy the climate. Our winter is not really a winter but locals do wear jumpers, if only to show that they really do own one.

Do the research

You can research Hervey Bay and the Fraser Coast online or you might just know friends who have made the move – your best source of intelligence. You can rely on your friends for a frank and honest assessment.

There is now so much information online that by doing your research you will not only get a good feel for Hervey Bay you will also be able to judge property values and the exact style and size of property you might wish to purchase.

You will also be able to search the local council for details of the local authority area and the direction the local council is taking in relation to a series of current issues.

Count the $$$$$$$

Just like any other major financial decision you will make in your life, always count the dollars.

You will need to know about rates and charges which will apply to owning a property in Hervey Bay and you will also need to know about State taxes and charges (such as stamp duty).

Who to trust?

A local agent – hooking up with a reputable and knowledgeable agent will be important. You can research agents online. There are number of web sites which will provide you with assistance here.

A local builder – if you are intending to build then you will need to know which builder is the one for you. You can always source this information from your local agent or lawyer.

A local lawyer – a local lawyer with local knowledge and experiences in the property field will be of great assistance. A local lawyer will know of current trends in the area and such things as areas which might flood and where amenities and schools are in relation to where you might want to set down your roots.

Buying a home in Hervey Bay, to reside in or for investment, will be a rewarding experience. You can then join the thousands of people who over recent years have decided to call Hervey Bay home.

Data from government does not show any slowing of the pace of migration to Hervey Bay. Don’t leave it too late – come and join our friendly locals soaking up the sun and laidback lifestyle in glorious Hervey Bay.