September 12, 2017

Have you managed your home buying expectations correctly?

You’re well underway with your search for a new home.

Managing your expectations will avoid disappointment.

You’ve got your list of requirements and the search is on. You’ve been to the internet – Domain or are a reliable reference source. You can refine your search by location, numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, the type of property and so on.

All of this is a good starting point but in the end you really need to be face to face with a real live agent.

Buying a property off the internet, site unseen, is a course fraught with danger. Stories abound of the misfortune suffered by buyers who take the chance of buying without seeing the property in the flesh.

Even if you make a contract subject to inspection this might not be the best course available to you. You might just find that you are feeling a compulsion to buy which is really not a good thing. Keep a clear and calm mind on the process of buying. Do not complicate things.

Buying a property can be quite complicated – the involvement of a good and reliable real estate agent will be critical to a good outcome for you, just as you need experienced legal input. Remember, you’re playing for keeps with probably one of the biggest financial arrangements you are likely to enter into during your life time.

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