June 18, 2018

How one document can affect your life

As a lawyer it’s becoming all too frequent to hear similar tales of woe.

The tale usually goes something like this – the ‘phone call is made to our office and you know almost immediately from the shaking and tragic tone of the caller’s voice that misfortune has been visited upon your caller.

The sad thing is that you can be almost certain what the story will be – there has been a death in the family – sometimes expected – and no one has thought about the consequences of a death and how it will impact on the family.

So, when your caller tells you that her husband has died unexpectedly, that no Will has been made and what does she do now – as a lawyer you know how different things could have been if someone had just taken the time to consider what must be obvious to us all.

As certain as we are born, we know that one day we will die. It’s not a very comforting thought – one we should not dwell on – but we each have a duty to take steps to protect our families and the ones we love.

Having an up to date Will is not a chore – it’s not going to impose a burden on you, it’s just an essential part of life and protecting our financial resources and assets for the benefit of those we leave behind – our families.

A properly constructed Will is in essence your business plan for your life and your life’s achievements. Why waste the time of those you leave behind and your hard-earned money on legal and other fees when you could so easily ensure that your family and the ones you love could get the full measure of your hard-earned money.

Everyone needs an up to date Will. If you don’t want to think of it as a business plan for your life, then think about it as an insurance policy where the cost of the Will is a once only premium.

While you’re at it – ask about an Enduring Power of Attorney and how this can help you.

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