October 7, 2016

It’s all over bar the shouting!

But does it really have to be that way?

We all know, or have heard, that a marriage or partnership breakup can often be difficult and bruising.

We all know that being hurt and wanting to blame one another are all at the top of the list of emotions when couples separate. Then for good measure add in a couple of innocent victims, children.

Yes, there is a way where there doesn’t have to be all that shouting and aggression. There is a way where the emotional hurt and damage can be kept to a minimum and where the children don’t end up as collateral damage.

This just sounds too good to be true.

Well it isn’t, and that is why two very experienced lawyers in Hervey Bay set about finding a better way of working for outcomes for clients in marriage and partnership breakups. Outcomes where the focus is on both parties to the process and where the emotional and financial hurt is managed in the long term interests of clients.

Don Gayler [Gayler Legal] and Lesley Powell [Milburns Law] have all too often seen the very negative outcomes in family law matters where the focus of the parties is on all the wrong issues and not on each of their long term interests or the interests of their children.

Apart from the often horrendous legal and other professional costs which accompany long drawn out matters (including court proceedings), there are the aspects of emotional scarring, unnecessary financial hurt and the often irreparable damage to a continuation of any ongoing relationship connected with the welfare of children.

Don and Lesley looked for a better way, a more compassionate way and a way which resulted in the dignity of the parties being maintained. They found it in a process known as ‘Collaborative Law’. The process means that clients make decisions, not the courts.

Control of the agenda is held by clients who are guided through the process by Don and Lesley.

Don and Lesley have established The Family Law Centre – Fraser Coast and the web site sets out the whole Collaborative Law process.

Family Law Centre Fraser Coast

If you’re interested or even just plain curious – visit www.frasercoastfamilylawcentre.com.au and spend a few minutes learning about what we believe is a new and exciting concept for solving disputes on the Fraser Coast.

Don Gayler can be contacted at dg@gaylerlaw.com.au or by telephoning 4124 7100.

Lesley Powell can be contacted at lesleypowell@milburns.com.au or by telephoning 4125 6333.