July 8, 2016

It’s Raining Money!

*This article is the re-run of a blog on first home buyers, which we published after the State Government announced measures in its budget for the coming year.

We think the opportunity for first home buyers is so good that we wanted to go for a re-run for no other reason than as we all know ‘opportunity knocks but once’. Well, that was until you read below about the generosity of the Council grant.

The Queensland Government has announced an increase in the first home owners grant to $20,000.00 for contracts entered into for the purchase of new homes after 1 July 2016. The boost of $5,000.00 will apply for 12 months only so now is the right time if you are intending to start out and get your first home.

Remember, your contract had to be entered into after 1 July, 2016. If you did sign up before 1 July, the Grant is still available but will only be for the total amount of $15,000.00.

The Grant is for brand new homes only – it may include substantially renovated homes but that is only available in certain limited circumstances. A new home is the way to go!

Your new home can be a house, unit, duplex, townhouse or even a granny flat built on a relative’s land!!! You may even be eligible for the grant if the only property you have owned is an investment property!!

On top of this, the Fraser Coast Regional Council announced has continued the $12,000.00 cash back scheme if home buyers meet the requirements of the scheme. This grant is not limited to first home buyers but to all buyers if the requirements of the scheme are met.

So if you’re a first home buyer you could get a grant up to $32,000.00. This is just too good to miss!

If you want to take advantage of the grants then call your preferred agent or give us a call and we can let you in on all the details. Once you find your dream home, you’ll need us to help you with the conveyancing.