September 4, 2015

Matrimonial Property Disputes & What You Need to Bring to Your Lawyer

Matrimonial Property Disputes – What you need to bring to your Lawyer!

It’s difficult to admit, but deep down you know that your relationship has ended. These are difficult times – but confronting difficult issues in a sensible and logical way will ease the process. You’re now facing a matrimonial property dispute. You will need to sort out the finances and distribute the property of the relationship. Before you are ready to see a lawyer it may help if you read our free Family Law E-Book. You can download a copy at the end of this blog post.

So it’s time to make an appointment – things need to be sorted and putting the matter off is no longer an option. Before you visit your lawyer, there are some things which we suggest that you prepare and bring to the appointment:

  • A list of assets of the relationship – bank accounts, house details, a list of furniture, details of cars, boats etc, shares, collectables etc.
  • A list of all debts and financial obligations of the relationship – credit card details and accounts, details of mortgage payments, school and child care fees, general utility bills, moneys owed to others, child support obligations for children of this or a previous relationship.
  • Details of the superannuation of each of the parties.

Once you have these, try to assign a value or information for each of these – this will help your lawyer and shorten the time involved in preparing your case. If you have had any discussions with your partner, write down what you both have generally agreed on and what is disputed, as well as any discussions that you may have had with a bank regarding your ability to ‘buy out’ the other party.

With this information, your lawyer will have a clearer picture to help you sort out the division of the property of the relationship. If property issues can be sorted without a battle that ends in the courts, the process will not be drawn out and costs will be substantially reduced. If you are in need of a lawyer considering a matrimonial property dispute, or you want to learn more information, you can contact us to set up an appointment.