September 28, 2016

No one ever dies – I’m going to live forever!

No one ever dies – I’m going to live forever. Really!

One of the great things about being young is we tend to live for the present and give little consideration to the future.

Well, why not? We’re only just starting off on our journey through life.

Why spoil a good thing. There are just so many things to do – parties, sport, romantic interests… and on and on the list goes.

But for those who are statistically minded, just stop and think about things a little. The US Department of Health and Human Services has released a report finding that nearly half of American women aged 15 – 44 lived with a partner before marriage (data from 2006-2010).

What flows from that is that usually couples will have acquired property in their relationship. So what happens to this property in the event of the untimely passing of one of the partners?

Imagine the Law hawks sitting around just waiting – waiting for this kind of outcome which could oh so easily have been avoided.

How? Simply by making a Will to make sure that your wishes following your death are complied with.

‘Oh but I don’t have very much’ I hear you say. Well, if you don’t have much then all the more reason to make sure that your assets go where you want them to go, not in legal and other expenses!

So you don’t believe me? Well just follow this link – then let me know if you don’t believe me.