March 8, 2016

Remember your Pet in your Will

So who will care for your best friend? What protection have you given your Pet in your Will?

I can still remember the time when the family dog lived under the house or in a more grand position on the corn sack on the verandah.

Well fortunately for our pets, times have changed.

Our pets are the fur-balls that wait expectantly to greet us as long lost friends on our return from work or even a short trip out to the local store. The enthusiasm of their greetings and their companionship never wavers – this is love in its purest form.

So, our pets are now a more inclusive part of our family – our furry friends or furry kids.

So as we become more connected with our furry kids, who will care for them when we are no longer here to do so? Take the time to remember your Pet in your Will. What considerations do you need to make, where will they live, what conditions do you want them to enjoy?

Media reports suggest that movie stars and other celebrities set aside small fortunes for the care of their pets when they are no longer here.

So why should the rewarding of the devotion of our pets be restricted to movie stars and celebrities! Everyday people are leaving huge sums to their pets in their will.

You too can make arrangements, following your death, for your pets to be cared for in a manner befitting the loyalty and devotion which they have shown to you in your life time.

I have – so why don’t you remember your Pet in your Will?

Call us to discuss how you can care for your pets and make sure that your best friend is not forgotten on your passing.