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Running a small business is becoming increasingly complicated and stressful in what are difficult economic times.

Longer hours at work, increasing competition, shrinking margins along with the ever present employment issues and how to manage change are issues which all add up to more difficult and challenging circumstances in business law.

Governments at all levels struggle to manage the economy and provide the circumstances for business growth. Claims that red tape has been cut appear meaningless at best or are just plainly false.

Increased regulation and the demands of government for self-reporting are crushing and don’t seem to abate. The cost of being an unpaid tax collector for government is something which politicians seem oblivious to.

Facing all these challenges, small business needs wise counsel. Grey and thinning hair and the wisdom that comes with it becomes more valued as ‘business currency’.

Don Gayler has been operating a small business for more than 35 years. He has seen most of the ups and downs of commercial life and the pressures associated with the operation of a small business.

You need wise counsel, based on proven skills and experience. You want someone who has a proven track record when it comes to advising small businesses on the day to day operations and can explain business law clearly and concisely. Don has an ability to get to the meat of the issue quickly. This is achieved through experience and will lead to you saving time and money and allow you to overcome the hurdles which can sometimes seem insurmountable.

Whatever your particular circumstances are, a dependable, loyal and trusted legal advisor who values your loyalty as a long-term client will be a great asset to your business and a source of comfort to you as the operator of your business.

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