Deceased Estates

When you speak to us about administering the estate of a loved one who has passed, you will leave your first meeting with us having peace of mind knowing that all matters are in order. You don’t need any more anguish and worry. You will leave knowing that proper planning will help you avoid or reduce unnecessary expenses and headaches. None of us can see the future – life can be uncertain. You must plan for uncertainty and the unforseen. You need to make sure that your assets – your life’s work – are protected.

Don Gayler, a principal of Gayler Legal, has been working with families as a trusted advisor since 1980. Don provides sound and sincere advice based on his wealth of experience in this field of law.

You plan in your business and in your daily life so make sure that you plan for your passing – something we all might try to avoid but then we all know that as sure as we have all been born, we will all pass.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is something which is always important but not always understood.

This is a planning process to ensure that those who survive you get the maximum benefit for your hard work – the real value of your estate. Planning to minimise the risk of losing or devaluing your assets is essential.

The advantages of estate planning can include securing control of companies and interests in partnerships in the event of death, binding death benefit nominations for superannuation and securing succession of trustee and appointor roles for trusts.

The True Goss on Making a Will

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