Family Law

Family law should be addressed in an uncomplicated and straightforward manner.

You will be dealing with confusing emotions, weighing you down at this difficult and stressful time.

You need someone who will remove the emotion from the equation, cut through trick questions, and give you the confidence to move forward. Your, and your children’s, best interests must come first.

We appreciate your need for understanding and patience. No separation is easy. You want someone who will instill in you a sense of optimism, a feeling of liberation and above all a feeling that those out of control issues are now under control. You really do have a bright future to look forward to.

Most of all, you want a cost-effective outcome that provides you with a fair and just result. We fight for your rights, always with you in mind, to resolve family law issues as quickly as possible. You do not need ongoing turmoil in your life.

Divorce and property matters are dealt with through a seamless and prompt process. If your marriage or relationship has ended, then you need to move on to the next phase of your life. You may not appreciate that exciting times are ahead but being optimistic about your future is key. Your old life has been closed off and your new life is ahead of you.

If you have children then, as your most vital asset, they need to be provided for by making proper arrangements for them. This will require you to make sensible, logical and informed decisions about their long term interests. You love your children and they are not to be used as pawns in the game of life of you and your partner. The needs of your children are significant and not negotiable. The needs of your children need to be approached as the most important consideration in the breakdown of a relationship.

Sound life experience, common sense and decorum are the qualities which we bring to the table when dealing with the issues of your children and family law.

You are not a cash cow and we do not see you as one. We know from long experience that fees don’t make decisions – clients do. So at all times through our dealings with you we will be mindful of the question of costs and always recommend to you the most sensible outcome and the most cost effective option to achieve your goals.

A New Start Life After a Relationship Break Up

Separation or divorce can be a very difficult time. Let us take the fear and uncertainty out of the process.

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