Making a Will

The best way to ensure that your family are properly protected and provided for when you pass, is to have an up to date and enforceable Will. This also reduces the likelihood of estate disputes.

Life can throw up some difficult and stressful situations. These situations need to be met and dealt with – this is where you really do need the guidance of a trusted advisor.

If you are concerned that your Will might not be up to date due to a change in circumstances (the birth of a child, the particular needs of a family member, a divorce etc) then we can help you with a ‘free health check’. If you really do need to change your Will then we can help you. If you don’t need to change your Will then we will tell you – we want you to be sure that you have in place proper and workable plans following your passing.

When it comes to administering an Estate, we set out to achieve the quickest and most cost effective outcome. We want happy and satisfied clients and our belief is that this outcome is achieved by getting the job done quickly and cost efficiently. We know from experience that cutting through the legalese and explaining everything in plain English works a treat.

Power of Attorney Documents

The need for power of attorney documents can arise in various circumstances. Overseas travel or just plain convenience can give rise to the need for the appointment of an attorney to keep your business and other personal, financial or commercial needs rolling along.

Working in an occupation where you are exposed to danger or just getting older requires the need for an enduring power of attorney document.

Unlike a general power of attorney document, an enduring power of attorney document will be of force even if you lose your capacity to make decisions.


Your Last Say

The principals of Gayler Legal pride themselves in keeping up with modern trends.

It is in this vein that they have been instrumental in developing a new and exciting concept.

Gayler Legal are proud to announce ‘YOUR LAST SAY’.

We know that with the prevalence of blended families, with the advent of Google, Facebook and other forms of social media that communication on a personal level is fast becoming a thing of the past. We know how difficult it is for some of us to express those very personal messages and feelings we have for our loved ones and special friends and to say goodbye properly when it comes time for us to pass.

Your Last Say gives you the opportunity to express the love you have for your partner, children and friends in the privacy of your own home, in your own time using our web based product.

Your Last Say is simple to use. You will be prompted with suggestions so you can present your thoughts in a meaningful way.

If you are writing your Will or just updating it, now is the time to consider sharing your special thoughts and memories.

Life is full of stories, memories and feelings, don’t leave it until it’s too late to share them with your loved ones.

The True Goss on Making a Will

Don’t leave your family’s future to chance. Learn how easy it can be to make your Will through this plain English eBook.

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