August 21, 2015

The Importance of an Up to Date Legal Will

Is Your Legal Will Up to Date?

The death of a husband, wife or loved one is always difficult to cope with – but it’s just one of those experiences which we will all have to face in the future.

So let’s think about how we would deal with such an event and do our best to try to relieve our loved ones of the pain and hurt of a loved one’s passing. This is why making a Will is so important.

Having an up to date legal Will in place will do a lot to overcome the stress and upset associated with the death of a loved one. An up to date Will is in effect a ‘business plan’ for how you would want your hard earned assets to be dealt with. Like any business plan, you will have laid down the terms which you want to be met when dealing with your assets.

So this is why you should have an up to date Will – it will not only save stress and angst but also legal and other fees. Put simply, the bulk of your estate can go to the loved ones you have nominated under the terms of your Will.

If you have an existing legal Will but would like to check its validity and whether or not it still meets your needs, then we can advise you on that. We are not afraid to tell you if your current legal Will meets your needs – we look for long-term arrangements with clients and are not fee driven – your best interests are the goal we have in mind.

We can all expect to live longer – it seems to us that almost every day medical science finds a new cure for a previously incurable illness. The life expectancy for both men and women keeps rising so there is even more reason to take into account future needs – legal and other needs.

We also live in a world where circumstances can change in an instant – motor vehicle accidents, work accidents or debilitating illnesses that can leave us incapable of making financial, health and personal decisions.

That is why we recommend to everyone that they have an up to date Enduring Power of Attorney. This document can be of great benefit to those in whom you place your trust when dealing with your future needs and wishes.

When you consider making or updating your Will then, in our view, unless you have an up to date Enduring Power of Attorney document, then you have only done half the job.

Take the time and make the effort to put your house in order – this will avoid the need for unnecessary legal and other costs, ease the burden on those you trust to look after you and your needs, but more importantly place decision-making powers in those you trust, not a government instrumentality which could deal with your needs in a very impersonal manner.