May 3, 2018

The Right Stuff

Well, when I speak of the Right Stuff, I’m not speaking the actor Ed Harris or the movie about the astronauts in the Mercury space program.

After almost 40 years as a lawyer, Don Gayler knows that having clients who have the Right Stuff is vitally important to not only the success of his business but also to the heightened level of satisfaction he and his team get from practising law.

Don has written in the past about the various client types business owners run across from time to time. What he wrote in the past was not about the Right Stuff but rather the clients who had the wrong stuff.

But what is the Right Stuff and how does it show itself?

So, who is the perfect client with the Right Stuff.  Well some might answer immediately that this is the client who pays his account on time or early.

Getting paid for the work that you do is important for a number of reasons, but not necessarily the most important consideration. Payment of your account is the reward for all the hard work that you have done and it is also recognition from your client of your skills and professionalism. It also allows you to keep up to date with current methods, ongoing training, implementing new ideas, using new equipment and all those things that move a business forward.

As a lawyer Don has found over his 40 years of practice that a client with the Right Stuff is much, much, more than a client who pays his or her accounts promptly.

Lawyers practice in an environment where the law is not always black or white so it is important that at the first meeting with a client an assessment is made of the suitability of the client on a number of criteria:

  • Is the client someone who you can work with productively?
  • Is the client someone who will respond promptly to a request for information and instructions?
  • Is the client someone who will provide clear and specific instructions?
  • Is the client someone who will give clear instructions and tell you what you really need to know – irrespective of whether or not it might be helpful or harmful to his case?

Lawyers want to know all the facts and the unvarnished truth – even if it might be unhelpful because lawyers really do need to know what the facts really are.

So, the relationship between lawyer and client is one which grows based on respect for each other and like any relationship, trust grows.

Lawyers have to ask questions of a client and sometimes those questions can be difficult and direct. This is where the strength of the relationship which is being built is really tested.

At Gayler Legal we value honest and direct language – we value honesty above all.

For over 40 years Don Gayler has built his reputation on strength through honesty.

At Gayler Legal we know that our strength is underpinned by our forthright approach which is that ´It’s not all about answering the questions – it’s also about questioning the answers and getting to the truth”.

Strength through knowledge, directness and having an inquisitive mind is the foundation of our legal practice.

Reinforcing that strength is the diversity of view and approach which is exhibited by the younger members of the firm and the support staff who, along with Don Gayler, make up the boutique firm of Gayler Legal.

Remember this though, we don’t claim to be everything to everyone – we acknowledge that our approach might not suit everyone and we specifically limit our areas of practice to be experts in those areas of practice.

We don’t adopt a one size fits all mentality – we tailor our services for your needs specifically – that means a “one on one” approach.