June 12, 2015

Why you need expert business lawyers, a marketer and an accountant

You’ve set up and run a successful business.

You’ve seen off competitors and economic downturns.

So what do you see as the most likely threats to your business in the coming years?

Is it employee issues, red and green tape, the challenging issue of increasing overheads, the digital revolution or something quite different?

All of these matters will need to be faced – but whatever the issues you will have to face in your business – you will need a plan. A flexible plan that will allow you to not only meet challenges that you can anticipate with a degree of certainty but also those which will be right out of left field.

So how do you plan for say the next five years? Who do you need to engage with to set up your plan? Allow yourself to proceed with certainty but yet be able to meet the unforeseen challenges that lie ahead.

Any plan will need to include the skills and professionalism that will only be met by a business lawyers, marketer and an accountant.

Your business lawyers will give you critical advice in relation to not only current legal requirements but also any potential changes to the law. Remember, the law in relation to employees and their entitlements are in a constant state of flux. Failure to comply with your obligations in terms of employees could have serious consequences (not the least being financial ones) for you.

There are also issues that will relate to a safe working environment, securing the confidentiality of information and terms of employment with key employees to name just a couple.

Your marketer is the key to your future success. Do you want to provide the same services in the same environment as your competitors? Of course not! You want a point of difference to make sure that you are the first place to call for anyone wanting to use your services.

Establishing in precise terms an achievable and cost effective marketing strategy is essential. You will also need to measure the success of any marketing program.

Your accountant will play a significant role in your future strategy for success. Advice as to the correct structure for your business and on-going advice as to tax minimisation will see you retain as much as you can of your gross fees.

Remember, your obligation to pay tax is something that will arise every year during the operation of your business. Your numbers need an ongoing review to ensure that your hard-earned profits are not wasted. Other issues such as superannuation and employee entitlements are matters that you will need to monitor so that there is not only compliance with the law but also to make sure an appropriate profit level is maintained.

Why – you’re an expert in your field, but you can’t be everywhere, so you need the trusted advice of professional helpers. Business Lawyers, Marketers and Accountants add value. Remember – the grey hair doesn’t come without the experience and knowledge gained by those professional who do exactly what you do – run a small business. They know what the pressures you face each day, and they can help you to concentrate on your core business activities without being distracted by the things you don’t really want to do.