July 7, 2017

Why you’d use an online Will kit for research not to protect your family

ou have put it off for a while now; you wouldn’t call it procrastination, more like finding the right time. You’re ready now, you open up Google and type in ‘online Will kit’. It looks so simple, so why wouldn’t you do it?

Drafting a Will takes careful deliberation and it takes attention to detail – an online Will kit does not necessary do.

Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group – CHOICE provides independent and unbiased reviews on a range of products and services.

Their opinion as stated in an article written in August, 2016,

“Will kits can be an excellent research tool. Depending on your situation and skills, they can help you to write your will, but they can’t adequately handle complex situations such as blended families or self-managed super funds. So, we recommend you get some expert advice as well.”

Sadly, online Will kits can be extremely basic, lack adequate instruction and somewhat misleading. They can be more trouble than they are worth. A little like Chinese instructions for putting up a tent. Although the initial fee seems enticing, the value is just not there.

Only a lawyer with years of experience can work through the issues relating to your circumstances, family and assets and determine the right course of action. The quality of questions asked and the subsequent structure provided in the Will must stand the test of time.

An online Will kit wants you to fit your answer into a neat box. Good luck if your life works that way. If you have a blended family or other non-conforming circumstances, a single box style answer is going to leave you well short of your desired result.

When you draft a Will, you do so because you want to have peace of mind knowing that your estate will be distributed to your family as you want. You want to make life a little easier for those you leave behind.

If you value the lifetime of effort to accumulate the wealth and possessions you have then please seek out an expert to help you write your will. Estate planning shouldn’t be left to an online Will kit.